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The Green Goddess movie set for release in Summer 2008

LOS ANGELES, March 31 / -- The Green Goddess, a highly
anticipated adventure comedy, is in final stages of
post-production and set for release later this spring.
This epic indie film has been over five years in the
making, at the lead of director/editor Craig Nisker,
marijuana activist Chris Iverson and producer Marcus

The Green Goddess is an ‘almost true’ story.

Four Americans - Solé, Ilé, Christian and Riley - are
growing marijuana in Northern California when the DEA
shows up. Ilé is caught and, to raise money to get
their friend out of jail, the others flee to
Switzerland to grow six football fields worth of

Having just enough money for one planting season, the
heroes rent an old Swiss farm. Their adventures take
them across Europe: to a music festival in Germany, a
medical marijuana clinic in London and the coffee
shops of Amsterdam. And all the while, the Green
Goddess - the divine feminine spirit that lives within
the THC crystal - watches over them, choosing one
lucky individual to meet her.

The Green Goddess creators, with a total base crew of
eight and the actors, really did spend a full season
in the Swiss Alps growing six football fields of
marijuana while filming the feature length movie.
Forging ahead through challenges as diverse as
enlisting the Swiss fire department to pump water over
the fields to simulate a thunderstorm, or wrestling
with a farm crane in lieu of a film crane for sweeping
shots of the fields, to eventual run-ins with the
Swiss authorities during a time of changing growing
laws, the team returned to the US with a mostly
finished film. Now, more than five years later, the
film is days away from completion.

In the summer of 2000, Producer, Marc Schultz. living
in Venice California, had a vision to write ‘the
ultimate stoner comedy’ - so he placed an ad in a
marijuana magazine requesting readers to share with
him their most hilarious and thrilling pot tales. Two
years later, a good friend of the Executive Producer,
Chris Iverson, stumbled upon the old issue of the
marijuana magazine with Woody Harrelson on the cover
while in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. He shared the
magazine with Iverson, an admirer of Woody's marijuana
activism, and here he quickly discovered the ad.
Iverson called and left a message on Schultz's
answering machine telling him he wanted to make his
movie - Schultz had no idea what this meant and did
not return the call. However, Iverson persisted and
was able to share that he had been growing acreage of
beautiful buds legally for years in Switzerland and
had always wanted to make a movie starring his
beautiful fields. Marc soon talked with Chris and
two weeks later her was on a plane to Amsterdam.

Canadian director/editor Craig Nisker (brother of
famed rock-star, Peaches) had no idea what he was in
for when he set off with Iverson and Schultz to film
the unscripted feature film on a rural alpine farm -
“Of the 35 feature films that I’ve worked on, this was
the most challenging to cut”. However, his
motivations to complete the film have remained strong
and rooted in family. Craig’s other sister Suri, has
multiple sclerosis (MS) and lives in New York State,
where the laws do not allow for the use of medical
marijuana. A key character in the film is a DJ with
MS, who is in search of good medical marijuana -
played by super-star producer and DJ, Native Wayne
Jobson. Nisker hopes that the film will help to raise
awareness of his sister’s need and that she, and the
other estimated 400,000 Americans who suffer from MS
(source: National MS Society), may benefit from
reformed marijuana laws someday soon.

The film is far from preachy however, and will take
audiences on a new kind of adventure - a quest to find
the enigmatic Green Goddess herself. And it must be
mentioned - there is A LOT of ganja in this film.
Screenings begin Summer 2008.

For further information & photos, please contact Chris
Iverson, To schedule an
interview with director/editor Craig Nisker, Executive
Producer Chris Iverson and/or Native Wayne Jobson,
please email
To view the trailer, please visit

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