Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DEA RAID! again

May 28th - The DEA raided three dispensaries operated by Ken Estes
this morning. Known as Holistic Solutions, they were located in San
Mateo, Richmond, and Clearlake. The DEA also raided Ken's home and
the homes of three of his managers, plus three affiliated grow sites
in Oakland, San Leandro, and Humboldt. The raids appear to have
been a "smash and grab" operation; agents took cash and product, but
didn't arrest anyone. Ken believes that the raids were initiated on
the tip of a former associate who was facing a lengthy federal
sentence on cultivation charges. KTVU News is investigating.
- D. Gieringer, Cal NORML

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G.D. Barkley said...

Early this morning (May 28, 2008), the home of Ken Estes was raided. Police came in armed and raided the home where three small children are in court ordered residence. These two 13 year old boys and 9 year old girl were left in the home with Estes who failed to send the children to school today. Was Estes taken into custody? No. He is a paraplegic and, apparently, above the law!

The children have been present in the home on numerous occasions when drug deals take place. In one instance a $100,000 deal took place in the livingroom while the children were present. Does the child welfare system care that these children are being groomed to be drug dealers? Apparently not.

Child Protective Services: WAKE UP. Take these children into care. Put them in the custody of another family member; perhaps a grandparent, the bio-mother,or in foster care. Living with a drug dealer is not appropriate for young children in California or anywhere else in this world!!