Thursday, June 19, 2008

MAJOR NEWS!! Massive DEA raids planned for Humboldt Co.

The rumors are true.

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency is sending 200 agents to Northern Humboldt to crack down on marijuana growers, according to sources. The full-blown bust-a-thon will take place June 22-30.

300 houses have already been targeted by way of high electric bills. Perhaps our readers at PG&E can tell us to how the feds got those records.
Did they use warrants or just ask nicely?

Rumors that every room at the Eureka Red Lion has been booked between June 23-30 may also have legs. One industrious Craig's List user consulted hotels. com in attempt to book rooms for those dates but the website said no rooms are available during that time.

The federal government doesn't recognize proposition 215 — the Compassionate Use Act — passed by California voters in 1996, which legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

Arcata grow houses made national news recently with reports in the LA Times, NY Times and Fox News.
The issue also came up repeatedly during the 3rd District Supervisor race.

While some of the upcoming busts will target illegal operations under California law, others will take aim at patients protected by Prop. 215.
Will Humboldt County Sheriffs or city police participate in raids that violate laws of the state?

We'll know the answer in seven days.

UPDATE: More info at Humboldt County News.
They write "Rumors were circulating a couple weeks back that the feds were going to raid dispensaries in Arcata, and as a result all but one of those facilities did not open for business on Friday, June 6." Those rumors turned out to be false.

http://humboldtherald. wordpress. com/2008/06/17/massive-dea-raids-planned-for-humboldt/



Hum said...

further info: Humboldt Growers in State of Fear as DEA Raid Week Approaches

Chris said...

It is a real shame that the police wont just let people use their alternative medicines. California needs to step up legislation and get the federal government out of their business.