Thursday, September 4, 2008

CA Patient Employment Rights Bill AB 2279 Passes Senate

Please urge Governor Schwarzenegger to sign!
NORML is pleased to announce that the California Senate has approved Assembly Bill 2279, which would declare it “unlawful for an employer to discriminate against” persons who use medical cannabis.

Under a recent California Supreme Court ruling, state-authorized medical marijuana patients may be fired for their off-the-job marijuana use. Passage of AB 2279 would correct this injustice.

Employees who possess a physician's approval to use medicinal cannabis should possess similar workplace protections, as do those workers prescribed other prescription drugs -- many of which are far more impairing than marijuana.

Please take a moment and write the Governor of California today and urge him to sign AB 2279. For your convenience, a prewritten letter will be sent to Governor Schwarzenegger.

Thank you for your support of NORML and our efforts to enact marijuana law reform in California.

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