Thursday, January 10, 2008

CA Legislature Stands Up Against DEA Raids

State Senator Carole Migden Introduces Resolution Calling on the Federal Government to Take Action

Dear ASA Supporter,

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and medical cannabis patients were excited to hear today that State Senator Carole Migden introduced a California Senate Joint Resolution calling on Congress, the President, and federal law enforcement to stop raiding legal medical cannabis collectives and respect California’s law. Senator Migden’s resolution follows an unprecedented escalation in Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) attacks on medical cannabis providers and threats against property owners who rent to hundreds of collectives all over California.

Senator Migden uses strong and clear language, calling on the federal government to take action:

    Resolved by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That the Legislature respectfully memorializes the Congress and President of the United States to enact legislation to require the Drug Enforcement Agency and all other federal agencies and departments to respect the compassionate use laws of states, including returning any assets seized from medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives to the states in which they are located…

ASA and an ad-hoc coalition of reform organizations have been reaching out to California elected officials since letters threatening property owners began arriving last summer. The Senator’s resolution is the highest profile example to date of growing dissatisfaction among California leaders, who increasingly see DEA activity as undue interference in the state’s right to implement medical cannabis laws and regulate providers. Senator Migden joins Los Angeles City Council Member Dennis Zine, Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, and others in opposing the DEA actions.

Support from our state officials is a crucial element in ASA’s ongoing effort to stop the DEA attacks on patients’ access to medicine. This is exactly the kind of support that US House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers needs to bolster his promised investigation of DEA conduct in California. ASA and our allies applaud Senator Migden’s initiative and urge her colleagues in the California legislature to move quickly to adopt the resolution.

ASA is working everyday to defend safe access in states where it is legal and to eliminate federal barriers to access and research. The Senator’s resolution is just another example of how we are moving forward. We can not keep doing this work without your support, so please join ASA or make an extra contribution today!


Don Duncan

California Director

Americans for Safe Access

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