Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time Well Spent: Marc Emery will spend 5yrs in prison

Assuming that you are reading this and assuming you are enjoying that cannabis in your pocket; you are aware that Marc “Prince of Pot” Emery accepted a plea deal to serve 5 years of a 10 year sentence for believing that people should have access to Cannabis. How do you spend your time? Do you try to make sure that you are treating others as you would like to be treated? It’s time that you are spending as we communicate through this medium. It’s time you spent time you spent last weekend. Your time not mine and its not stopping. If the name Marc Emery doesn’t ring a bell, or you are not even aware he was arrested. Then you are the single reason why we are in the position we are in. Closet smokers come in second but they aren’t even reading this so I’m just going to assume that its just us. If you have made it up in your mind that Cannabis is not only a safe and effective medicine; but a much safer alternative to alcohol. Not only that but you smoke almost every week and don’t get arrested and like it to stay that way. You need to put in what you want to take out. Because the truth of the matter is this Drug War is still very much a war. 

46,947; thats the number of people that have been arrested for Cannabis offenses so far this year. It’s been one month, we’ve got another 11 to go. If you have it in your heart to really make a change then its time to get your hands dirty. There is a great way to become involved in the Cannabis reform movement. It’s called spending your time effectively; and you are doing a good job so far. A lot more needs to be done until we have a sensible Cannabis policy. The more you empower yourself the more effective you will become. Sign up for email lists with all the major players. Americans for Safe Access. NORML. LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). MPP. DPA. and the mother load Drug War Facts. Information is available to you. So when the time comes and you are trying to tell the people going to jail for Cannabis is not helping and is only hurting, you will be with great pride when the other person becomes aware of this situation. As a country we may not always get things right the first time, and sometimes the second time. Ya Nada Lo Que Era. 

What you may not be aware of is that part of Emery’s deal is  he must sell his magazine, Cannabis Culture. Information is being taken from you and its because information is the only thing Drug War backers fear the most. There are many reasons why this drug war has failed, but can you really fail something that’s based in psycho drama? One person tells you, “ Illegal drugs will ruin your life, even if its only one time”, and then another says, “ Some drugs are more dangerous and some are even helpful; you should never take anything that you don’t know”. The one thing they have in common is they both acknowledge the existence of drugs in our world. Now is the time to reassess the Drug War especially with regards to Cannabis. But the subject cannot be raised if the people raising the question are staying willfully ignorant. We cannot wait until “it” happens to you and 5 years are taken from your life. It’s not right and in a country full of just should not tolerate it one more moment. 

They’re weapon of choice is overwhelming fear and money. But don’t feel discouraged because we have our own power and its between your ears and slightly above and behind your eyes. It’s your right to spend your time how you wish as long as you are not harming another human being. Yet we are harming ourselves when we don’t put a little traction in our action. Please volunteer with your local Cannabis reform groups. For those who are not sure what they want to do with their lives then there are campaigns happening throughout the United Sates and they are always looking to hire. It will be some of the most difficult work but its truly where the battlefield is. We have but one moment on this planet and it’s asking for help. Don’t forget that Hemp is one of the most fiber-us plants ever known to mankind. It’s the only plant that could completely remove ourselves from petroleum chemicals. And its completely biodegradable. It could help feed, cloth and shelter all at the same time. But we will never know the full extent of   how much Cannabis will help the planet if we never release it from the minds that wish for its extinction. 

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