Thursday, February 21, 2008


Whether marijuana prohibition was a "hemp
conspiracy" may be debatable, but the conspiracy
of drug warriors, politicians, treatment
providers and cops to keep idiotic pot laws on
the books long after the lies were exposed is no

The way the DEA, the FDA, NIDA et al play
Catch-22 games with marijuana is not accidental-
ie. marijuana is NOT a medicine because it has
not been tested, but testing is not allowed
because it is too dangerous! ie. marijuana must
be tested for safety before its schedule can be
changed- no testing for safety allowed!

That's an overt conspiracy. Only hard line drug war liars dare say otherwise.

Every imaginable obstacle is put in the way of
changing the legal status of marijuana. No legal
drug, regardless of real danger (like Tylenol
which causes 45% of all fatal liver failure) is
put through the impossible gauntlet facing
marijuana which has never killed anyone.

Every marijuana policy is as contrived and as
deliberately wrong as Harry Anslinger could make
it. Harry used the device of licensing marijuana
and then refused to issue any licenses. (that's
what got the Marijuana Tax Act declared
unConstitutional.) And yes, Harry's dirty hands
are all over the Single Convention Treaty that
Anslinger considered his crowning achievement.

Whether this is a conspiracy of liars or a
conspiracy of self-interest is irrelevant, these
wicked people deny justice, hinder the economy
and throw up a continuous barrage of fiction
concerning marijuana. There is no logical reason
other than self-interest for this behavior.

Drug prohibition proves how morally bankrupt
cops, politicians and drug warriors really are.
They have no compunction about trying to justify
harsh punishments without any true reason.
Prohibitionists are reprehensible racists and
deserve much abuse. Anyone who endorses the drug
war should be run through the mill for their
lunatic notions.

If the drug crusaders get smeared with a mistake,
that's just desserts for their non-stop lying as
far as I am concerned. These drug crusaders
deserve a life prison sentence, not an apology.

R Givens

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