Saturday, February 16, 2008

RIP Dr. John Paul Morgan, MD

Hello all,


With a very heavy heart, I most regrettably inform everyone on these  


of the passing this afternoon of Dr. John Paul Morgan, MD.


John was a wonderful man, scholar, brilliant educator, author,  


lecturer and good friend to anyone who extended their hand to him.


John was a walking encyclopedia re pharmacology and American culture

(notably re jazz and the role music plays in our lives). John also  


for 10 years on NORML's board directors.


As late as Tuesady John seemed to be in fine health and was working  

on an

affadavit in Keith Stroup's and Rick Cusick's legal case in Boston  

with Dr.

Lester Grinspoon, which seeks to challenge the constitutionality of  


prohibition in MA.


On Wednesday, John indicated some distress with his breathing or  

heart, and

an immediate trip to the hospital initially indicated a case of  


Many of us were glad to think John had a treatable health ailment.


Yesterday the news re John's health greatly worsened with a preliminary

diagnosis of leukemia. This was very troubling news indeed!


This morning John's condition worsened and by mid-morning he was on a

respirator, and passed on soon after.


Every single man and woman in this country (and around the world) who  


about replacing prohibition-oriented policies with science/public

health-based policies, owe a man like John Morgan immense thanks and  



I believe numerous awards and scholarships will be created to honor  


life and professional career, and in loving memory.


RIP John Paul Morgan, MD




-Allen St. Pierre

  Executive Director

  NORML/NORML Foundation


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